4 Healthy Dessert Ideas For Weight Loss

Good news for those who have been avoiding desserts due to concerns about their weight loss goals: you can still indulge in sweet treats as long as you make smart choices. Here are some healthy dessert recipes that are both satisfying and low in calories, making them a great option for healthy snacking.

Check out these 4 quick and easy dessert ideas that are perfect for weight loss:

Crepes with fruit:

Crepes with fruit

This dessert recipe uses a batter made from eggs, low-fat milk, water, vegetable oil, salt, and white whole wheat flour. The crepes are filled with Greek yogurt and mixed berries and come in at just 180 calories per serving.

Healthy banana cake:

Healthy banana cake

Made with white whole wheat flour, Greek yogurt, honey, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, and egg, this banana cake is a healthier version of the classic dessert. The reduced-fat cream cheese frosting is made with Greek yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract, and the whole cake comes in at only 190 calories per serving.

Low-calorie brownies:

These brownies use unsweetened cocoa powder, honey, apple sauce, and white whole wheat flour to create a guilt-free dessert that only has 100 calories per serving.

Peanut butter cookies:

Peanut butter cookies

These cookies are made with white whole wheat flour, peanut butter, honey, reduced-fat cream cheese, Greek yogurt, and a touch of vanilla extract. They are a tasty treat at 210 calories per serving.

Try out these easy and healthy dessert recipes and enjoy a sweet treat without sacrificing your diet. I hope you enjoy them all! ♡

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